Tricia Rubi

I am an ecologist and evolutionary biologist. I have varied research interests, including animal behavior, phenotypic plasticity, and genetic and epigenetic mechanisms. I recently received my Ph.D. from the Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior Department at the University of Minnesota, where I was a member of the Stephens Lab. In September 2016 I will begin an NSF PRFB fellowship in the Dantzer Lab at the University of Michigan.

I grew up in Boulder, Colorado and completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Colorado. I spent several years working in molecular systematics, first as an undergraduate assistant, then as a contracted researcher for the Colorado Division of Wildlife, and finally as lab manager for the Scorpion Systematics Lab at the American Museum of Natural History. After becoming interested in animal behavior, I spent 7 months as a field assistant in South Africa studying vervet monkeys for the Barrett-Henzi Lab (University of Lethbridge). In 2010, I travelled to Minnesota for graduate school. My dissertation research focused on animal communication – specifically, how receivers integrate and respond the various components of communicative signals. My upcoming postdoctoral work at the University of Michigan will integrate these topics to investigate how genetic and epigenetic mechanisms impact range expansion.

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